New Development

Dear Family and Friends,

Josh is so thankful for all of your support; for your letters, comments, and efforts to stay in touch with him through this blog and other ways.

The missionaries in Joshua’s area (the Europe East Area) have been asked to limit their internet correspondence and communication to their families for now.  This means we will not be posting more updates until further notice.

He said he would be pleased to receive and respond to mail sent through the postal service.    He can be reached in the following ways:

Elder Joshua M Cook
Armenia Yerevan Mission
Vratsakan #5
0051 Yerevan, Armenia

Or provides a FREE pouch mail service.
>Select Armenia Yerevan Mission from the homepage drop down menu
>Click “Write a Letter”
>Fill in the return address information along with “Elder Joshua Cook” in the boxes
>Copy and paste your letter and off it goes – No international stamp required! prints and mails these letters free of charge, and they will generally reach Joshua quite quickly as they have a point of operation within his area.

Again, thank you for all of the support you provide to Josh.

We’ll post any major news or announcements here as they come to our attention.


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