April 12, 2012 – Gyumri, Week 11

Fun Cultural Fact

This week was Easter weekend. In Armenia, on Easter Sunday they replace “Hello” with another greeting, “Kristos@ Haryav I merrelots”. Which means, “Christ was resurrected for the dead”. In response they will say “Orhnyal harutsyan Kristosi”. Which is translated, “blessed be the resurrection of Christ”?

This week I’d like to tell of an experience that I had. It is a delicate subject; it involves the Lord working in mysterious ways, as the scriptures so often state.

I fasted for a few things this sat/sun. I was fasting for a man who had received a powerful answer to his prayer concerning the Book of Mormon. It is not my place to share what he saw. But, he knows that the Lord answers prayers. He also knows that the Book of Mormon, just as the Bible is the Word of God, is Holy Scripture. He has been having family problems, his son returned from the army temporarily because of health problems. His work has been calling him into work more and more. I prayed that God would give him the means to both provide for his family and meet with us, if that was his will. On Sunday we learned that he had gotten sick. He had heard a few things about priesthood blessings and asked that we could help him understand that more. We directed him to James 4:14-17. He asked us to give him a blessing of healing. He invited us over to meet his family. They have special spirits; there is warmth about them that I have only felt around a select few of the Armenians that I know. They are meek and intelligent, smart and yet humble. The Lord blesses us when we fast and pray. When we seek to help any of God’s children he will guide us to know what steps we can take to fulfill his will

God knows what this family needs. God knows what brings true happiness. There is temporary happiness, which is the happiness that the scriptures describe as the natural man. The happiness that is divinely given comes from a unity of the body and the spirit. Sadness comes from a lack of harmony between our bodies and spirits. This can come from physical sickness, sin, the lack of fulfilling certain duties (parental, family, social, religious, etc). Our spirits are the offspring of the Almighty, Heavenly Father. If we want to know how to be happy we must do as he directs us, because he knows how we can create that harmony within ourselves. He sent Christ to provide a way to heal our spirits from the wounds and blemishes of sin. Through Christ every physical, mental and spiritual deficiency can be made whole. I know that to be true, because I have felt that healing power.

If you are sad, or in pain or do not feel the pure joy that God can give pray to know what you must do to create that harmony. Listen, the spirit will work in you and bring thoughts to your mind. Don’t shrug those thoughts away, act on them. When you have completed that task, repent the process of asking and then acting. This will lead you to the pure and everlasting joy that God is waiting to give you.

Elder Cook

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