The Penitent Man

April 6, 2012 – Gyumri, Week 10 Continued
The Penitent Man

This week the Lord saw fit to bless us with one of his elect. Artash, a man we had met with last week, agreed to come to church. Before the sacrament was passed he asked me, ” I have been smoking, can I partake?” It hurt  inside, but I gently explained that it might be better if he didn’t partake this week. He had a very spiritual experience at church, during each of the meetings . He recognized the spirit working in him. Before priesthood started he asked if we could meet after church to pray for him, to quit smoking. We taught a small lesson on the Word of Wisdom, set a goal for baptism. After Elder Lush prayed for him, he humbly asked if he could pray. I was blown away. The spirit was so sweet and tangible and I forgot all of last weeks pain. The price was worth it. I could not have imagined a more prepared man. Now I can see what God can do if we will humble ourselves.

Sacrament Meeting is the most important meeting in the church. That is where we can receive the most precious direction from our Heavenly Father through his Holy Spirit.

Elder Cook

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