Bad Luck…

February 27, 2012 – Gyumri, Week 5
Bad Luck…

This week was full of miracles. The miracles always followed what seemed to be bad luck. But each day we returned home and reflected on what happened. We realized later that the appointments that “fell-through” each day, actually opened up greater opportunities.

It started with our first meeting of the week. We were planning on participating in a Family Home Evening. They called us about five minutes before it started and canceled. So we called two women with whom we had spoken the day before. They agreed to meet. They were very surprised that we believed in God and that we believed in the Holy Ghost. Their father had just passed away a few months ago and we were able to talk about the Plan of Salvation that Heavenly Father designed for our families. We promised them that if they listened to our message that they would know what they needed to do to see their father/husband again.

Then the next day all of our appointments fell through. We did a lot of walking and at the end of the day we were coming back from our only meeting when we felt the need to enter a little neighborhood called “Moosh”. We were walking into an apartment building to contact a man who had shown interest in our message (we will say his name is George). As we were walking into the entrance a man walked was walking out. We had met him before, (we will say his name was Albert). We talked to him again and invited him to watch the Finding Faith in Christ DVD. We walked up the stairs to the top floor. As we were about to knock on George’s door we heard Albert call for us. We walked down to the second floor. He said, “Come in I want you to meet my family”.

Now we are teaching him, his younger brother and mother. The Lord will guide his prepared children to his servants. This is the Lord’s work and his angels are round about us.

Elder Connor and Elder Cook

We met with a man (we will say his name John) this week that has been in-active for a few years. We explained to him that we needed his help in teaching the members and investigators. After the meeting he didn’t have any plans so he came with us and helped us find the address of an old investigator. What was amazing is that John knew the man that lives in the old investigator’s house. The old investigator had moved but we have started teaching John’s friend and his wife.

I have seen what God and his angels can do. God does give us commandments to make us suffer, he gives us commandments because he knows the blessings that we will receive if live in greater harmony with his gospel. He knows what we need to do in order to have lasting happiness. He knows what we need to do to become worthy of performing miracles. He wants to send his angels to help us raise our families and serve each other. As Jacob said, “ Oh be wise, what can I say more”

I pray that you will be blessed with the eyes to see the angels’ work in your life.

Elder Cook

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