The Seal of a Saint

February 13, 2012 – Gyumri, Week 3
The Seal of a Saint

I met a man this week who has tried very hard to be led by the spirit. He is very sensitive to the spirit. As I was talking to him about his family he told a story of the Earthquake that happened in the last 80’s. His wife’s sisters were both killed in the earthquake. This was a random story, but he felt the need to share it. About 25 minutes later we were talking about his reading. He has read the whole Book of Mormon. He says that he knows it is true and then he shared another random experience. He said that one day while he was reading he felt a presence, kind of a spirit walk by him. He said it didn’t scare him, he was at peace, but he didn’t understand what it was.

I sat back and pondered. I prayed to know what I needed to say. I didn’t want to give him “what I thought” I wanted to give him the answer. I began to think of any similar experiences that I had had or that I had heard about. Then while I was thinking a thought popped into my mind, that was not from me. It interupted my thought process. It was the story that he told 25 minutes earlier about his wife’s sisters. Then as I thought about his experience and his wife’s sisters the spirit filled me. I shared with him what I experienced and shared more with him about what happens in the temple. We are baptized for those who have never had the chance to be. He said that as I spoke about the temple he felt a warmth, the spirit. I invited him to pray about the experience and find out what his experience meant.

There are so many subtle events that have great meaning, yet we don’t take the time to learn from them. I was amazed to see how this man was so aware of his feelings and the spirit’s influence in his life. We too can and must do the same.

I heard about a talk that Elder Bednar gave at the Missionary Training Center a few months ago about becoming a saint. There is a point that we can reach, where we are more concerned about others than we are concerned about ourselves. This is actually what God desires for all of us and is the promise that we make at baptism.

Christ showed this throughout his life and even on the cross when we was worried about his salvation more then he was about his pain. He said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”

Elder Bednar also talked about a nurse that lived within his stake boundaries, when he was a stake president. The nurse was involved with car crash victims. She called President Bednar and asked him to come and identify the faces of the people involved in the crash. On the other side of the phone President Bednar overheard other nurses talking and learned that this nurse’s daughter was in the crash and had died. He was amazed that this women was more worried about the other mothers who’s children where involved in the crash. She invited President Bednar to the funeral, because she didn’t want President Bednar’s last impression of her daughter to be so gruesome. She wanted that image to be replaced with her well dressed and clean. Later that night after coming home she got call from some of the sick members of the ward. She had been assigned to make food for them, they were upset with her. She made food and dropped off the meal on the way to her daughters funeral.

We will find peace as we forget ourselves. I have found that we work miracles, not by focusing on how we can receive more blessing for ourselves, rather in focusing on how we can be a blessing for another. We are often the angels that God promises. We are often the only ones who will receive an impression to help another. This reminds me of three of Christ’s teachings concerning the subject:

(I am paraphrasing) 1)  He that loseth himself, for my sake shall find himself  2) Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me 3) Ye shall in nowise lose your reward.

This week I have seen that God will let us participate in miracles if we lose ourselfs in his work. We truely do find great peace and more solutions in our own life when we focus our thoughts on others. That is what God wants. He wants his children to worry about and take care of each other.

Elder Cook

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