God-Given Thoughts


Merry Christmas

December 19, 2011 – Charentsavan, Week 15
God-Given Thoughts

What an amazing week. Revelation used to be such a vague concept. I never realized what it could be like to be guided by the spirit so much.  I have been sick and so I have been sleeping through a chuck of my studies. This has made it hard to make the plans needed for our investigators. Despite our lack of time, we sit down to meet and find that almost immediately we know what they need. It happened in every single lesson this week and we had 29 meetings. We often don’t recognize that certain thoughts are not our own. God will often put certain desires/thoughts into our heart/minds. He will not force us to do anything, but he will guide us if we let him.

Most miracles do not occur in an instant; rather they take place over time.  As we  learn to recognize the small thoughts/desires that God puts into our heart, we can more quickly act on those god-given directions. God will, step by step, perform miracles in our lives if we seek to do what he would have us do. I can look back on my life and think of many experiences when I was successful, because things “fell into place” at the last minute. Those were miracles that occurred over the course of time. Those are usually the most important and hardest miracles to perform they require us to be diligent, be aware,  be full of hope and have an unwavering faith in God.
Branch President Armen, who is in wheel chair, has been sick for about a week. On Saturday he had come to the church to finish some work, when he started to get worse. He started to shiver intensely, so he sat heater. He could hardly move. We were waiting for one of his friends to arrive, when something told me to bring the other missionaries into the room, to say a prayer. A minute or so after the prayer the friend arrived. Armen seemed to have enough strength to move and right as we came outside he…ya…”spewed”. That was a miracle. That would have been a mess. As we drove towards his house he began to feel much better. He said something that I hadn’t thought about, “the prayer worked”.  He said that he was feeling much better. We helped him get into bed. We gave a blessing. By the time the blessing was over he had stopped shivering and he was asleep.  A small prayer and a blessing are not huge acts of service, but they resulted in a miracle.

Last week I spoke of a Babk. His wife was having some problems with her right arm and right leg. She was losing feeling in those limbs. They don’t have the means to take her to the doctor. Babk was stressed about the situation and hated that thought that he couldn’t provide for his family as he would like to.  He asked if we would give her a blessing. A blessing is a service given by holders of God’s authority and power. That authority and power is called the Priesthood. It is the same power and authority that Christ gave to his disciples in Luke 9:1. With that god-given right, the priesthood, a worthy man can heal the sick and perform other miracles. We explained to Babk’s wife what God will expect of her if she is healed. We explained that she will be healed according to her faith. Almost immediately after giving the blessing she began to gain feeling in her arm and leg. Now she feels normal and healthy. It was humbling to see how much God does help those who will but do the small and simple things. For example, Babk was willing to ask a simple question like, “will you give my wife a blessing?” and because he did something as simple as asking she was healed.

We began walking home Saturday night around 8:00pm. We hadn’t eaten all day and needed to finish some things at home. There was no-one around, but we happened to run into an investigator, who said that his mom (Galia) was home, waiting for us. We decided that we should go see his mom, we hadn’t seen her in a few days. Not soon after we arrived a young boy(Emanuel) and his mom (Ofilia) walked into Galia’s home. We came to find out that this young boy was different than most nine year olds. He has a great desire to know God. Ofilia spoke of how he always helps his family rely on God for help and solutions to their problems.  The next day we spoke to them about the steps that they would need to take to become a family who would live forever. Emanuel seems to be a normal nine year old, but he is very quick and attentive.

That young boy has worked miracles in his family. He has prepared them to learn about how Christ restored the same organization that existed in the primitive church. He desired to know God’s will and recognized the god-given thoughts/desires.
I know that it is through Christ that families were made possible. I don’t believe that. I know that. I know also that God answers prayers, very clearly. He answers us because he loves us.
Sometimes we might not understand the answers that we receive. I know that it can be hard to do what the Lord requires. However we can be sure that if God asks, then he must know something. I testify of the reality of Jesus Christ’s and our Heavenly Father’s Love. They did not set-up a plan that merely involved pain and suffering. If you follow those god-given thoughts and promptings we will know why God called his the Plan of Happiness. I know that we can perform miracles if we learn to recognize the god-given thoughts that we so often shrug off.
Merry Christmas,
Elder Cook

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