October 24, 2011 – Charentsavan, Week 7

This week was another amazing week. It was not amazing because we accomplished a lot, per se, but we were blessed beyond our imaginations. I saw many miracles every day.
I have been learning a lot from my companions from my leaders, old friends and familiy members. Learning is merely a matter of accepting that we know so little, despite how much we have already learned. I have found that a person will learn only as much as he/she wants to and the quantity or quality of knowledge learned is limitless. We can learn something every minute of every day.

Well I need to go but I want to share an experience that unfolded over the course of 10 days one of the, what you could say, “bigger” miracles.

Rewind one week- We were teaching our investigator.We were talking about receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon and how the reading the Book of Mormon is so key to receiving revelation and preparing for the temple, when without any warning two young families knocked and walked into the house. There was a father, his three sons, two of which were married. We felt this awkward and mysterious silence and were about to get up and leave, when the spirit told us to stay. As we sat there with smiles on our faces… We asked them how they were doing… They said good. Then after a few more long minutes the they began to ask questions. We sat there and helped them understand our purpose and bore testimony of the Book of Mormon. When it was time to leave we said a prayer and left. We were amazed by how respectful those families were. We prayed for them that night.

Fast-forward one week. It is one of y the more difficult missionary days, when your meetings seem to fall through as fast as a hungry Armenian man/missionary can eat a “shaurma” (a Middle-Eastern dish). It is one of those days when the men that usually help us are working late, sick or have their phone turned off (This means that we cannot meet with our investigators who are single women). It is one of those days that you are excited to talk to the people, but they don’t even want to say hi back. It’s one of those days when you have excitedly made plans with your investigators to go to see someone get baptized and last minute problems arose causing every one of them to cancel on you.
We prayed before leaving the church and asked the Lord to reveal to us and help us accomplish his will. Five minutes after praying we coincidentally came across one of the men in our branch giving us just enough time to go see one of our investigators (the same investigator mentioned above). He came with us to this investigators home. When we arrived, four of our investigator’ relatives were sitting on the couch. They were very “stand-offish” when they saw us.  They were scared of what they had heard about the “Mormons” until we began teaching and explaining that we were followers of Christ. They felt and recognized the fruits/feelings of the spirit. They knew what we were saying was true. They were excited and yet at the same time at peace.  They accepted meet and came to church the next day. During this visit our investigator said , ” Do you remember the family that entered unannounced last week? They want you to go over to there house and share more of your message. I forgot to tell you.”.

That was a hard day. I was sick and things just didn’t work out. But, I realized in looking back, that everything worked out, just not how I thought it needed to.
A good thought may be a great thought, but we may never know the best. We should always look forward despite our missed opportunities and have the hope for the best, despite how good we think we have it figured out. A gardener knows that sometimes his bushes and trees need to be brought low, by trimming and cutting, in order to prepare the tree for a fruitful future.
“And thus we see that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”
As I look back at that day, it was one of the harder days but the Lord knew what he wanted, even if we didn’t and because of his tender mercies we were led, literally, step-by-step to those who are ready to hear the gospel.

I know that God loves us. It is more tangable than the computer screen infront of us. It is more tangable than anything we see. It is pure light and it fills our souls with joy.

Elder Cook

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  1. Hello! I think my son, Elder Jared Hammer, was just transferred to this area in Charantsavan about a week and a half ago. He has been in Armenia since August and has been companions with Elder Lush. His new companion is Elder Frye. I hope Elder Cook is having a fantastic experience. We have a blog going for my son at Take care!

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