The 4 Minute Mile Week

September 19, 2011 – Charesavan, Week 2
The 4 Minute Mile Week

We have a Mission Focus this month
1) Increase Personal Righteousness
2) Becoming Master Teachers and Linguists
3) Finding more Effectively with Members and the Spirit

Goals were set to help us do what has not been done in Armenia for a long time.
It was a hard week, but we saw the Lord guide us and bring people our way. It was amazing.

We went about this week with a new perspective. The man who first broke the 4 minute mile, broke the glass ceiling for runners. Now 4 minute miles are common at the college level athletics. We need to break through our mental barriers. We need to get rid of any drag. If we have drag on our wings we won’t lift off. We won’t soar.

This week was a huge trial, but the Lord really did help me through. I go a virus on both of my camera memory cards, my iPod hard drive and maybe my little flash drive. All of my pictures and saved papers are eaten up. That was just the first test. Despite all that, I noticed that uplifting and inspiring thought entered my thoughts in times of sadness and frustration. The Lord really does help us out more than we realize, but we miss out on opportunities because we are so preoccupied with our personal thought-processes and our own desires.

Saturday night Elder Fairclough and I were walking on the usual path home. We were running late and it was dark. It is the quickest and easiest path back, but I felt like I needed to ask my companion if he thought we should walk the long way around. I asked him and he said, “This is the way that we usually go, but if you feel like we should go this way, let’s do it.” We decided to go the long way. Not five seconds had passed by when we ran into a newly baptized couple. They told us that they were going to Russia tomorrow. We exchanged some information and found out where they were going and set some arrangements for their son who was staying in Armenia. We were amazed that we just “happened” to run into them. I couldn’t imagine how sad I would have been to miss that opportunist. God doesn’t leave us alone, by our actions and our lack of awareness we move farther and farther from God.

Let’s stop barriers between him and us. All he wants to do is help us find hope, peace and pure joy in this life as well as in the life to come.

There was a lady we met with this week. Her husband died recently at the age of 28. She has a son who is 7 years old. She was sad, but as we shared God’s perfect plan with her she began to cry.
I do know that Christ broke the chains of sin and satisfied the demands of death and hell. We will be resurrected and we will be given the chance to stand before God to be judged.

Families are designed to help us do what is right in this life. Families should grow together so that they can live together after this life.
God didn’t give us our families only to live apart from each other after this life. Families, through the restored priesthood power (the same power and authority that Christ gave his disciples in Luke 9:1) we can be sealed as a family and become an eternal family.

It has been an amazing experience sharing this with others. Here in Armenia the Armenian Apostolic Church has kept Christianity alive, but it has been hard for the people to feel a closeness with God. The Bibles here are very expensive and can only be printed by one organization, the Priests here speak and preform their ordinances in what is called Grabar – Ancient Armenian. God is the Father of our spirits (Rom 8:16). He is trying to get his family to come back to him. He is doing all that he can to prepare his family to live with him after this life. I know that God wants to play a greater part in each of our lives. If we let him he will help us learn from our challenges, be cleansed from our sins, and make clear the  fog of doubt and confusion.

I’ve already been on my mission for a year. It has gone by way too fast. I feel an urgency to accomplish more and make even greater changes, to become a better person, friend, and brother to all.

I apologize there aren’t any pictures. I’m still trying to figure out the problem

Mets Sirov,
Yerets Quk

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