Road Trip to Garni and Gerghard

August 15, 2011 – Ajapnyak (Davtashen), Week 4
Road Trip to Garni and Gerghard

Last monday we went to a place called Garni, an old pagan temple and Geghard, a church built into a mountain.
I went there during the winter, and it was amazing then, but this time I got to see the most green I think I have ever seen.

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2 – Our Group (we dont wear our name tags becasue the Armenian Priests usually attack us)
3 – Geghard
4 – The Illuminator
5 – our Dragon Friend (dragon in aremian is – “vee-shop”)
6 – Ray
7 – (top to bottom and left to right) Sister Crawford, Eric Gasparyan, Sister Bailey, Elder Paul Strader, Elder Jordan Andersen, Elder Tyler Ervin
8- Gerghard Church
9 – (The word written on the bread is how you spell Geghard in Armenian) This is a specific type of bread, it is a delicacy in Armenia it is call “gah-tah” It is has walnuts, rasians, a thin cream filling and a lot of flour. that weighed at least 3 pounds
10 – this is Garni an ancient pagen temple that was destroyed by the earthquake and reconstructed.
12- This is part of the Galdoonts Family. They are great. Astghik (which means Star -the girl in the middle) is married to a man from india. He works there and comes home every few months. these were some of the first members of the church in Armenia, an amazing family.

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