Bari Lus (Good Morning)

September 12, 2011 – Charesavan, Armenia – Week 1
Bari Lus

One week ago I received a call from the Mission President. He said that I would be moved to Charesavan. I have heard a lot about this area. I was excited to work with my new companion Elder Fairclough, the Branch President Arman and try something new. I was sad to leave Davetashen. I loved the people there and I thought that I could help the new Branch President get on his feet, but I guess I need to be here.

I feel in love with this area faster than any other place that I have served. There is a different culture here. What also helps is my companion and I have some solid plans. We are ready to do what it takes. We have already seen miracles in this last week. We didn’t even have as much success as we expected, but we are happy to see God work so closely with his children. If love is the most powerful force in the universe, why do we doubt that God loves us at a very individual and personal level. I God work closely with his children. I know he loves us and has not left us to fight and learn alone. He is ready to guide and to direct and help. He wants to, we are the only thing holding him back.
We just had a Zone Conference. It was great. It was filled with the spirit. I is amazing to feel the power of what is called “having your hearts knit together in unity” It is even more amazing when you have the assurance from the Holy Ghost that your desires, your goals and intentions are in line with God’s will
This week a lady prayed out loud for the first time in her life. She wouldn’t do it for our first few  meetings, but yesterday we told her she could do it in Russian. She hesitantly started to pray, when all of the sudden feeling of energy filled me and the room. I could not understand all of what she was saying, but her voice changed and the pace of the pray was steady and sure. She spoke from her heart. After she closed her prayer we looked up, she was crying with joy. She explained that when she began her prayer something filled her and gave her strength. She was so amazed and so was I. We had earlier promised her that if she prayed she would come to know that God loves her and wants to communicate with her. God truly did fill her with that love and she began to feel that important connection with her Loving Father in Heaven.
I know that his arm is extended, reaching out to save us from the sick and sadening consequences of sin and confusion. It does not matter where we are, what we are doing, what we have done. What matters is that there is hope in Chirst’s and His Father’s infinite love. That love is ready to be poured upon us. It has the power to forgiveness and clean , in other words to free from sadness and darkness. Darkness that fills our lives too quickly. That love results in light. When we feel that love we are filled with light. With that light we will not stumble, we will see the path and we won’t need to wander in the forest thinking that our eyes will adjust to the pitch black.
I know that God answers prayers. I know it because I have received answers from him, by the power of the Holy Ghost. I know God is a God of Love and Peace and Wisdom. I know that if we lack love, peace or wisdom God can help. I heard once from a man that “God doesn’t answer prayers, you have been deceived”. I hope that one day he tries. We must come in, out of the cold storm, before we say the fire will bring you no comfort.
I hope that we can all feel that love at a more personal level because it is. It is so exilerating and uplifting that it can hardly be explained.
I”d like to send some pictures but this computer won’t let me. I’ll try next week.
Mets Sirov
Yeret Kuk
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