Ajapnyak – New Area, New Pictures

July 25, 2011 – Ajapnyak, Week 1
New Area, New Pictures

Ajapnyak (a part of Yerevan) is such a cool place. I am very excited to work here. Elder Anderson is a great companion. We have similar desires and thought-processes. His calm and down-to-earth spirit reminds me a lot of Daniel Crook .We are going to accomplish a lot together. Before being moved from Gyumri to Yerevan, the missionaries (our district) planned a final sports activity for our members. We played dodge ball (that was an interesting process, dodge ball is an American game) they really liked that. Then we had a water balloon toss and finished of with volleyball.
The first picture is the result of Elder Davis(left) and Elder Gerber(right) tossing a few water balloons
the second picture is me by one of Gyumri’s many Church’s. This was newly built within the last 10 years. The old church was destroyed by the earthquake.
The third picture is a type of Armenian bread called “hraz-dan”
The fourth picture is my companion Elder Anderson
Next is another type of bread called  “err-ebooni”
The Last picture is a part of the flee market. This is where we buy most of our fruits and vegetables. This is the most common way to sell fruits and veggies.

I will write more next week.

mets see-rov
yer-ets Kook

(With Much Love
Elder Cook)

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