The Role of Mother

May 9, 2011 – Ashtarak, Week 21
The Role of Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom I apologize for not saying that on Skype today, but I really have
been thinking about it.
Here I have written a little bit about how I feel and less about what
is happening. I feel that what is happening is manifest in my feelings
I apologize for not sending more. A large group of young men
surrounded me before I got a chance to start typing. Then as luck
would have it, the internet wouldn’t work on my computer. I just
barely found a working connection.  To tell you the truth this week
was hard, but I have learned a lot. I have not found the joy that I
seek in missionary work. I find peace that I am doing my part, but I
wish that this people might act under the influence of the spirit that
I see working within them. It has been hard with Elder Lush being sick
again and having meetings an hour away, etc. But what I haven’t
understood is why the Lord hasn’t brought one of his children our way.
Which really makes me ask, “Am I worthy to teach one of his elect?” I
feel a great need to look inward. I feel a great need to read the
handbook and PMG and seek to know what I can do to be a worthy vessel.
Elder Lush continues to teach me through his example of positivity.
President Sargis continues to remind me not to worry and the Lord
continues to answer my prayers through the inspired words of others. I
have great reason to rejoice but it is hard to feel that I am
fulfilling my purpose. I would not normally say that my success is
based on numbers, but the Lord requires and has set aside “many” souls
for me to teach. He has told me that according to my faithfulness the
“many” will find much joy in entering the waters of baptism. I only
pray that I might not miss any of my prepared brothers and sisters in
The Role of a Mother- To help her children Be their best. The doing
follows the being. I would like to share an example that my mother has
shown me, but I didn’t realize it until today
To Be or not to Be/Christ-like Attribute: Humility
I have learned that in order to maintain a state of humility we must
consistently filter the thoughts that come into our minds as well as
reflect the praise that comes our way.

Filter: We must ask if this thought is competitive, uplifting,
encouraging, rooted in envy and finally we must ask ourselves if we
would be ashamed to voice that thought.
Reflect: When we receive praise we must reflect that to the Lord and
immediately thank him for allowing us to be an instrument. When we
accomplish any good work we must reflect on the source of the good
work and realize how we couldn’t have accomplished it without the
The sources of lasting and immeasurable joy are the manifestations
of God’s love. If we are humble we will feel this joy each day in
filtering and reflecting our thoughts.
I have come up with several questions to ask myself each day in order
to maintain this perspective, filter and reflect. I will work on
humility again this coming week with this new insight. I didn’t bring
those questions but I will share them next week.
I know that the role of a mother is a sacred calling. I do not
understand everything about it but I do know how it has helped me and
what the Lord has taught me through my mother. I pray that each of us
will take up the responsibility and start serving our mothers for the
eternal debt that we owe.

I love you all, but not like my mom,

Elder Cook

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One Response to The Role of Mother

  1. Tarryn Mosbrucker says:

    Hey Josh –

    It’s been forever since I’ve sent you a letter. I hope everything is going great for you on your mission. I’ve been thinking about serving a mission but i still have about 8 months to decided if i will or not. I hope you get this. 🙂

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