March 22, 2011

Wow this week was interesting I felt that something was off all week. It was interesting. I jsut found out what it was. We weren’t working enough with our members.
See our Branch President has been asking us to do a lot of things. We are the most reliable priesthood holders in Ashtarak (President Ayvasyan lives in Yerevan). Elder Lush and I felt that we needed to “be careful” about working too much with the Branch President. We felt that we needed to focus more on our purpose: Find, Teach and Baptize. What is interesting is the weeks that we worked more for the branch and the members (worrying less about finding, teaching and baptizing) were the weeks that the Lord blessed us to find more, teach more and baptize more. It is black and white compared to this last week when we worried/focused more on the finding, teaching and baptizing. We have felt that we needed to build up the branch, but we weren’t sure until today, how much time we were supposed to spend building the branch. Even though some the work that we are supposed to do is not a missionaries job, the Lord wants us to do it. Now we have learned our lesson that we need to keep an eye out for the Spirit of the Law, the Spirit of Missionary Work. This week we plan on seeing, once again the Lord’s miraculous hand.

Anush will be baptized on my birthday. She has asked that I baptize her. It is a wonderful present. I get to see the Power of the Atonement work on my birthday. In fact I get to work in the place of the Savior to spiritual cleanse a soul. She is ready for the rebirth that awaits all those who exercise their fatih unto repentacnce. She is excited. She truely does hunger and thirst after righteousness and for that she has blessed with the spirit. She has been filled with the spirit, just as Christ promised in 3 Nephi 12 or 13.

I’ll wrtie about our P-day next week, a Dolphin Show, A Birthday Candle, the clown and an Armenian Apostolic Church.

Love Elder Cook

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