The Armor of God

Bar-ee Loos (Good Morning)

The Lord has blessed Elder Lush and me so much this week. Every day we come home between 9 and 9:30 kneel down pray for the next day, plan and pray to verify those plans. This week Elder Lush and I have been extremely busy, trying to prepare Ashtarak for something that the Lord has in store for this area. So every night we arrive home very tired and nearly late. We pray, plan and pray. Every single night we have received, without fail, a comformation or we feel we need make a change. We either both agreed or the spirit prompted us to visit a specific person or go to a different part of the city.

This week Elder Lush and I had a very interesting experience. a few nights ago Elder Lush, Levon (Branch’s 2nd Counselor) and I  were walking up a staircase around 6 o’clock. We were going to the 4th story of an apartment building. Our purpose was to visit a young, inactive member of ours. As we reached the top floor and started walking down the hallway I felt a dark presence. it seemed to be more consentrated in the apartments than in the hallway, but as we walked down the hallway I felt as though just in front of me a light was pushing aside the darkness. It felt like we were a bright candle. On either side of me I felt the darkness being pushed away. It was not a visible light or a visible darkness, but I knew that a path was being made. I felt safe. More safe than ever before. I was on the Lord’s errand and I knew that he had promised me this, “I will go bbefore your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my cSpirit shall be in your hearts, and mine dangels round about you, to bear you up.” (Doctrine and Covenants 84:88) Truely there is no sustitute for the power of God and His Love. Love truely does dispell hate and any of hate’s demons.

Well this week Elder Lush and I have been guided and Branch President has confirmed from his own feelings that something big is going to happen in Ashtarak. One day as we were talking about what we needed to do to prepare the members  the Spirit started telling us what to teach. We began to frantically write down what we were being told. By the end we had a 6 step plan. We have a set of 6 lessons now. These lessons are designed to turn our members into missionaries. They are simple, but powerful. This Lesson plan coupled with our inspired Branch President has turned out to be an amazing synergy. He also is sacrificing implementing plans and striving to prepare the members for what the Lord has prepared. Elder Lush and I felt very distinctly one night that Satan was going to try and thwart the Lord’s plan for Ashtarak so we have been doing all we can to help our member put on their armor. We have been praying for specific protection and guidence. We are watching and praying.

Other than that we are are remodeling our apartment on P-days. We dont’ think this place has been cleaned since missionaries first arrived here. Elder Lush is great the members are great. I’ll tell you more about our investigators next letter. They members are still great. The People of Armenia are still the best hosts in the world.

These are some pics from a Birthday Party Last Night

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