2nd Transfer, 3rd Companion

February 21, 2011

Mission Status:
A little sick, sitting in the Internet Cafe next to my new comrade. Planning for our next ambush(against Satan). In other words we are planning on moving the missionary work forward, with creativity, planning, hard work and obedience.

Companion’s Status:
I am now with Elder Lush. He too is a fan of self defense. Enough said. He too loves organization, cleanliness, happiness, exercising, planning and most importantly the Lord. We are really excited to work together. Today we moved the apartment around. We are making some major renovations. He is the first companion that I have had who really has my same interests. We love to have a clean living space and an organized space room. We are ready to set long term goals for the Area and prepare the area for future missionaries(AKA a history of Astarak’s missionary work).

I knew before the transfers that I would be staying. I felt the Lord still had work for me here. Elder Reece is now serving near the Turkish boarder with Elder Gropp from my MTC group. I have felt that Satan is putting a lot of effort into this area because I think that Lord has something big planned. I don’t know what it is, but I know that the Lord wouldn’t put Elder Lush and I together unless he had needed our synergy for something big. We are very young in the mission. He is just one MTC group ahead of me. So he has been here 12 weeks longer than me. But we both feel, and know, that if we rely on the Lord we will be powerful instruments. We feel that with our good habits, righteous desires and creativity the Lord can really start harvesting the hard work of past missionaries. Not  to say that past missionaries weren’t great, they were, but it just feels like the time has come to reap what has been sowed.

Elder Lush and I have a fresh start. We have no committed investigators. We can only go up from here. So we want to start a solid foundation with our members. We will make sure to obey all the standards and to show our members exactness in obeying the Lord. For example we are not allowed to meet with a women without another male our age or older. That standard hasn’t been obeyed, but Elder Lush and I feel that those small changes will show the members the example that they need to start being obedient themselves.

I got sick Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday, I felt sluggish, but thougth that I could get past the sluggishness if I got out of bed and got ready for the day. I found out during the third hour of church that I had a fever. My face was red from the heat. Our Branch President (Sarkis Ayvasian) said go home. Rest and think about why it is good that you are sick. IF you don’t know why, that means you haven’t pondered enough. 🙂 I think that one of the reasons was for the members. They really complained a lot about there 2-3 kilometer walk to church, or why they couldn’t make it to church on time, but the Branch President used me as an example of what we do for Christ. We come to church, not because we think it’s fun, but because that is what our Redeemer has asked us to do, so we do it. We take a few hard steps so that we can feel a fraction of his love for us. We sacrifice day after day because we know that we owe him more than we can pay back.

To sum everything up I would say that I have learned this: While climbing the Lord’s mountain we will fall, but that gives us an opportunity to seek a better path. I don’t know what the Lord has in store, but I know that he has a will and that I can either be a part of it or I can’t. I can either seek to be his servant or I can stand by the wayside and watch him build his kingdom in mysterious ways.

This video has two of our members from Ashtarak in it. This was for the Kyiv Ukraine Temple Dedication.

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