The Hardest Week

February 14, 2011

I have had a hard week. This week was very intense. Satan really tried to pull me down. He really has been focusing a lot of his efforts here. The opposition has been unmeasurable. I feel that this is a result of the recent miracles.We had a father  (Leova) drop us. Therefore we can’t meet with the rest of his family. Our friend with a baptismal date … doesn’t feel like it is right to go to church, despite her testimony of the scriptures and Joseph Smith. This week I have met with  President Ayvazian (Sarkis) for about 5 hours (for 3 different meetings) and then I spent another hour verifying and completing some Branch financial paperwork. On top of that the Lord, to a degree, has withdrawn His love from me. But not in a bad way. I have been seeking the gift of Charity since coming to Ashtarak. Since coming here the Lord has allowed me to feel an abundance of his love for the people. Now I think that the Lord has blessed me by requiring me to love the people without so much of his help.
Elder Reece is doing great. He is working hard to follow the missionary standards. Elder Reece is really good at lifting people up and making them feel the appreciation that they deserve. He really helped me earlier this week, he changed the outcome of my whole week. I appreciate him more every day, his joyful attitude has blessed me numerous times.
To summarize my feelings: It’s been a hard week, maybe the hardest so far. However I have seen Nephi’s promise fulfilled this week, “But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender cmercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of ddeliverance.”

I went on exchanges again this week. Elder Santo came up to Ashtarak. We had some great meetings. I seem to be more confident when I’m left in my area. I speak the truth without as much self-consciousness. I have been learning more and more about how the Lord wants me to speak for Him. I have been blessed to know when I should be bold and when I shouldn’t. I have learned that we can overcome the trap of overbearance with the Spirit and pure love. I also have learned that pure love will motivate us to get past our feelings and self image to help others. In other words, I might be speaking to several people at once about the Lord’s commandments(about how he requires some things of us in order to live with our families after this life). Those people may think I’m some weird kid preaching, but if I truely love them I will not hesitate to teach them the path blessings and peace. I will not hesitate to give up my “cool” self to proclaim the truth, even if that mean I am looked down upon. I have learned that this is the path of faith, this is the path of truth, this is the path that Jesus walked. Love is the most powerful force in the world, becuase love gives us the strength to make the necessary sacrifices.

I testify that Jesus Christ lives. I know that God has a hand in our lives. Not figuratively, literally. I promise you that if you look you will see the Lord working in your life. He is our Loving Heavenly Father. He has given us all that we have, even our ability to choose. He loved us enough to let us choose to seek him or ignore him. I know that angels are real, they play a much larger part in our lives than we realize. We become the Lord’s angels when we help others and when we seek to do His will. I may not know everyone who will read this but I love you. I may not know what you have done, or what you haven’t done. All I know is that you are a Child of God. Therefore you are qualified to feel his love.

Elder Cook

Something else I thought I would share if I haven’t already:

God doesn’t force us to do things, but he can bless us with desires to do good. That is how he can help us without infringing on our agency. He gives us desires and then allows us to choose whether or not to act on those feelings. That is why we pray for others hearts to be softened, we want them to have righteous desires, we don’t want to exercise “unrighteous dominion” over others agency.
Also I realized recently that the  principle {motivation doesn’t come before action it comes right when we start acting} is explained in the scriptures as faith.

Ether 12:6And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that afaith is things which are bhoped for and cnot seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no dwitness until after theetrial of your faith.

12For if there be no afaith among the children of men God can do no bmiracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.

Leaving Treats for Elder Reece

Treat for Elder Reece from Elder Santo and I

Treat for Elder Reece from Elder Santo and I

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