Revelation: A Living Principle

Ashtarak, Armenia  December 31, 2010

Family, Friends,

I have had a sobering and yet wonderful week.
Sunday we finished the ordinance of baptism. first comes water then comes the Holy Ghost (as Christ taught his disciples). They were amazing. The Spirit directed the words that were spoken. Some amazing things were said. Things I should not write but I will say this. The church is alive and miracles are happening as frequently as in the early days of the church. Then our new members received the priesthood and only Armenian priesthood holders blessed and passed the sacrament. Usually the missionaries help. But the priesthood brethren are growing in numbers and faith. Aram asked me to give him the Priesthood. I only knew about 1/2 of the ordinance, but I got help and I felt guided in my blessing. It was humbling.
I found out on Sunday night that I would be getting a new companion on Monday morning. I prayed like crazy that night that the Lord would bless my new companion and I. I knew that we would need the Saviors help, we would need what the scriptures refer to as Grace. A power that comes from the Savior’s sacrifice in the Gethsemane and on the Cross. The Lord expected me to stay in an area that I had know for 3 weeks, one of the biggest areas in the mission. So I knew he would help me but it was a huge burden to ponder. We have two new members that needed the lessons again. We have many people that Loved and almost relied on my old companion. But our mission president isn’t just sitting in his office thinking about how he can give us a hard time. He changed the whole mission up. He wasn’t sure why, he just said that’s what the Lord wants. I know that such an unbalanced and dramatic change was revelation from God.
So I said goodbye to Elder Lusk and said hello to Elder Reece. He is great. He has talents and perspective that this Area of Armenia needs. I have learned a lot from him. I am excited to learn from him. He has a good grasp of the language and he is enthusiastic and happy. This week has been great. I don’t have time for more stories we have an appointment, but I love you all. I know that as we seek to know the Lords will he will guide us, if we are willing to act.  I have found that revelation comes more quickly when we are asking how to better serve, when the revelation/inspiration is dealing with other people’s salvation.
Jesus Christ lives, I am a witness of Him. He loves all of you perfectly. I dont’ know how, but I am experiencing a little bit of that here and I can tell you that his Love is rarely understood with our brains, it is usually only felt and understood with our hearts and our feelings. So listen to your feelings. I love you all. I wish you success and I pray for your happiness.
Thank you for your examples.
Elder Cook
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