Week 9 – The Reality and Importance of Our Call

MTC November 18, 2010
Wow I got some awesome letters this week thank you for your comments and your 2 cent stamps and your thoughts. I can’t help but feel the love and smile when I hear of recent success.
This week has been hard. Every Week is hard.  The range of emotions are insane, but I have been blessed with wonderful teachers(at church, in school, at home especially) who have taught me perspective. Most of all the Lord has given me the strength to continue on throughout the day until I get down on my knees and pray knowing that I could only accomplish a portion of what needed to be done. I have done very little here. I have done very little to change who I am but the Lord has done a lot through me, and I could not be more thankful for being a part of such a miracle.
the District is growing closer every day. We are learning spiritual lessons of patience, and love as well as the language.
We have a game we play. It is a motivation(not the primary motivation, but a fun game) to speak Armenian more often throughout the day. this is called SYL(Speak Your Language). We are speaking Armenian about 8 hours a day. That can get hard. So we came up with a game called “Taug-auv-or” (king). We whoever starts the most Armenian conversations throughout the day becomes “Taug-auv-or” (King) the next day. The king is elected by a majority vote every night. Everyone gets one vote, except for the King, who gets two votes. The King can then ask for us to serve him at meal times. If he wants water we get him water, and because we want his vote we fight to any chance to serve the King. The King also gets to wear what we call The Taug-auv-or Tie (The King Tie) during his reign. It’s fun stuff and it works very well.
WE taught in Armenian last night. It was humbling, another  reminder that I know so little about the language, but I love that I can be humbled and yet confident at the same time. I gain my confidence in knowing that if I try my hardest, I me with everything that I have I will qualify for the Gift of tongues and will be magnified by God to do what he wants done.
I have learned that Love is Freedom. I have also learned that a pure Love of God is the Ultimate Freedom.
I would invite you to think. What if we had a pure love and understanding of God (which we can have).
We would cease to act in terms of self and we would begin to see the World through eyes of selflessness.
We would cease to speak words and we would begin to communication through our acts and intents.
We would cease to need things and experiences to be happy and we would see every minute as a gift. We would see every persona as a gift from God and another individual to learn from.
We would never hesitate to rescue our minds from the low plans of thought and we would begin to seek the treasures which are eternal and spiritual.
We would never hesitate to show God’s Love to another one of God’s children.
I’ll write more via letter but I need to thank you all again. I feel of your prayers. I appreciate your examples.
Elder Cook
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