Week 8

MTC November 11, 2010
Family (and Friends),
Wow, it’s incredible how much I can miss you all, without being homesick. I feel that it is the best of both worlds. Know that I love each of you and you are on mind.
This week has been crazy. In many ways. I forgot to tell you that on the 2nd of this month we heard from M. Russell Ballard. I was blessed to sit in the eighth row. then this last Tuesday we heard from Elder Bednar, again I was able to find an 8th row seat.
We have an awesome new elder in the district, Elder Wahl. He is great. It is amazing that we started with seven. A weird number, but when Elder Wahl arrived I realized that the Lord knows and has a plan for each mission and all of his children. So now we have four companionships. It’s a bummer that Elder Watterson isn’t my comp. any more, but we still talk all the time and we are in the same residence room. So it’s fine.
It’s been interesting realizing how little I know, but how much I have learned in 9 weeks. I am humbled realizing how much I need to learn and the work that is ahead, but despite my inadequacies I know that I have a testimony of Grace and a sure knowledge that if I am on God’s errand he will sculpt me into a masterpiece how he wants to and when he wants to. It is my job to do all I can, to be soft hearted. It is my job to be receptive to quite promptings and to be humble enough to do what I am prompted to do, even when I don’t want to.
I’d like to share some seemingly random, but nonetheless important inspiration that I have received this week. I hope it can help you is some way.
— Luke 21:19 says  In your apatience bpossess ye your souls.
This is so true. Patience is an important tool/gift in self-mastery and It is essential for us to comprehend the Love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us.
—Romans 8:1,6 + 2 Nephi 9:39 To be carnally minded is Death and to be spiritually minded is Life Eternal. I realized one of the reasons why. It is because joy naturally follows perspective and spiritual influences. For example, Family, Jesus Christ, Resurrection. All of these things bring us joy. Not only that but they motivate us to do things that will have a spiritual effect. We serve because we love the savior. this service will show love to the individual(s) being served. Love is a spiritual thing. (I hope that made sense)
Teachers that know that every student is a gift, usually know that it is the most important responsibility (whether you are teaching in school, as a parent, as a friend). It that teacher relies on Love and the Savior they can teacher miraculously and powerfully. But only if they rely on love and the Savior.
I love you all. Keep working hard. Remember that anything done in Love is good. Be sincere be happy, if not for yourself than for other people
Elder cook
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