I’m Here

Travel Group Through Munich

Armenia December 3, 2010

Hey I’m here president and sister carter are amazing. The AP’s are great. The flights were crazy but I still wish I had some of the “down time” The people are great, I’ve met a few. It’s weird not being able to communicate. I feel so inadequate with my inability to speak and I feel that they deserve better than my current speaking abilities, so now I’m motivated to get to work and learn the langauge and love the people.
I’ll write on monday and tell you more, like my area and my trainer and everything.
I will try to download some pictures so that you can see what it is like. It’s a very poor place. Very gloomy, at least in Center(the city) but I feel like I will begin to appreciate life more as I live in a place that doesn’t have so much luxury.
Love you all.
Sorry I couldn’t call anyone. My calling card wasn’t working, neither was my credit card and I don’t have the right numbers for rex, and daniel. Then I didn’t have any euro when I got to Munich and vienna.
I’ll call on Christmas for sure.
Elder Cook
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