Week 7 – Getting Ready

Again thank you all for the letters I cherish them. I will try and respond ASAP. I’m just busy and need to make time.
Well the Greeks left this week. They are in the sun. Learning a new language.
I decided that I needed to make a sacrifice to learn the language, to show the Lord that I want to serve in the best way that I can. so on Friday I stopped eating what we refer to as “sweets”. I have noticed that I have received more insights since then on ways that I can learn the language most effectively. It has been amazing, to say the least. I also believe that the Lord will bless me in other ways through health, finances, energy, etc. I would recommend it to anyone. In jsut a week I have received so many blessings. I found also that it has been easier to go off “sweets” for other people and for the Lord, instead of merely doing for my own self. I have overcome the “temptation” (if you want to call it that, I do) many times because I realized that I;m not doing it for myself. I’m doing it because I want to communicate the Lord’s message effectively and I want to be able to explain to the people in Armenia, that they need to know for themselves. I want them to experiece the joy than comes from the source of all truth.
Anyways our teaching is beign directed towards the spirits influence, now that we are getting the language down. It is amazing. It is fun to see how it can work so immediately if we allow the spirit to be present.
It’s been a testimony of the importance of confidence and humility(no they are not antonymns).
If I would teach about one thing right now it would be humility. I have learned what it means now. I am still working on it, but I have a clear understanding now. It is not thinking that we are worthless, it is merely understanding our standing before God. It is understanding that it is through him that we have the air that we breath, that we are nothing without him, but that we can all things with him and through him. I think another aspect of humility that we do not mention is the gifts. In order to be purely humble we must know our gifts and be grateful for them and show that gratitude for them through service and through acknowledgeing that we would not have those gifts without God. It is not weakness, in fact humility is the greatest strenght we could every have. (Alma 26:17)
Please read John 15:1-17
You will see what I mean.
I love you all I’ll be writing soon.
Love Elder Cook
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One Response to Week 7 – Getting Ready

  1. Richard Tetu says:

    Wonderful entries, and wonderful work, done in the right spirit. I know only blessings will result, for you and all involved.
    Keep up keeping us informed.

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