The Perfect District


The language is coming along. We are “SYL”ing(Speak Your Language) now for 3-4 days a week. We speak almost all day just in the language. It is great. We have some very talented members in our district that know twice as many words as me. They just retain what they hear and see very easily. It is a great blessing to have them here. They are a source of confidence and knowlegde. Our companionship got together yesterday night and had what is called a “companionship inventory”. It is an opportunity to tell eachother what we like about eachother and what we would like eachother to work on. It is wonderful. It is a time of peace, dispite the constructive critism and advice. We love eachother very similarly to how I love the family. We are great friends we strengthen each other with our strengths. We taught a full lesson(45minutes) last night in 100% Armenian. It was great. We taught from the scriptures instead of using the scriptures to “back-up” truths. We had a prayer and we learned a lot we are fine tuning ourteaching skills and most importantly we are working and planning ways to invite the spirit. I know that nothing I say will have a lasting effect unless I speak the words of Christ. I know that I cannot purely speak the words of Christ unless the spirit verifies the truths that I speak. So it has and will be my ultimate teaching goal – Teach with the spirit.

2 Nephi 32 talks about how angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, wherefore they speak the Words of Chirst. I know that we are and we can be angels if we speak in such a way that the Holy Ghost can verify and solidfy our words. We can brighten anothers day with what we say, how we say it and most importantly WHY we say it.I have learned to ask questions with pure love. I have learned to say I love you with my soul and not just my voice. I have learned to say hello because I want those that I speak to to feel God’s love for them. If that is all I could accomplish in one day or one week than I have done well.

Funny Story: We taught in armenian last night. We planned on talking about the power that the atonement has in our lives, what the atonment is, what prevents us from being pure and clean. we planned on teaching from Rom 3:23 “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” In the Western Armenian Bible (the most correctly translated/oldest Armenian bible) chapter two and chapter three are on the same page. we asked “Armaan”(armenian investigator) to read verse 23 on the page, but we did not tell him which chapter to read from. We assumed he knew. My companion asked him to read. I followed along but what I was reading wasn’t what he was reading. So after we climbed over a little language barrier we realized he read from the wrong chapter. So he reread verse 23 but from chapter 3. the lesson went well from there but afterwards Armaan told us some teach skills we could work on so he translated chpter 2 verse 23 for us. It was halairious because after he read from chapter two we asked him”What keeps us from being pure?”   If you want to know why we thought this was funny you will need to open up romans and read the verses.

I’m short on time

but I will say this. I love you all I pray for you and I feel of your prayers. God is mindful of our needs, let’s humble ourselves and see what we can do to get His Help.

Elder Cook

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