If I Have Not Charity, I Am Nothing MTC – Week 4

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 10:49:02 -0600
Subject: If I Have Nor Charity, I Am Nothing – MTC – Week 4 ?(or is it three)

Thank you for your letter. It is really nice to receieve mail. I thiought I could go without, but when we only get 30 minutes on the internet, by the time I read 1 or 2 of your emials I only have 15minutes to write.(see all the spelling mistakes 😉
Mail is good stuff and there are always cheers when I walk out of the mail room and hand Elders their mail.
Wow time is flying by. I realize how important it is to write in a journal to recoerd how thelord has blessed me each day. Otherwise I would forget.
My mind has been on the Family a lot this week. There have been many instances this week, and since I’ve been here, that I have noticed a character trait that I have learned from one of you. I thank you for that. I hope the spirit will convey my gratitude to you. I really do mean that and say it from within the depths of my soul because your influences on my have and will be eternal. Thank You. I have also been thinking about how friends have influenced me in so many ways in word and in example. actions speak deeply and resound where words sometimes come and go.
I love you all. It has been a transforming experience being here in more ways than I can say but patience has been distilling on me. I feel a lasting change within myself. I don’t mean to sound too surreal when I say that but that is the only word choice to explain what is happening. I have found a greater patience in and for myslef aswell. I need to rid myslef of doubt and live with faith. God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of faith and of love and of a sound mind (2 tim1:7 I think)
I was planning for a short talk on charity and love(each Sunday the Branch presidnecy calls on two missionaries to talk fro 3-5 minutes on a specific subject) I learned a lot. I thought I understood a fair amount about the subject but I learned a ton. I’ll explain more in a letter but I found a pattern for receiveing that gift of chartity. That state of being, the pure love of Christ.
But that was not it I found out as I was walking to the temple that it was a pattern and can be applied our search for any sprirtual gift. I’m really exctied to show you what I have learned. but I need to share thte computer now and say goobye. I love you and I know that each of you are Sons and Daughters of an Eternal Loveing Heavenly Father.
Elder Cook
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