No Fooling Around – MTC Week 3

So, I’ve been here for just over 21 days. It has been very intense. I’ve been studying every moment I get. I am trying to apply the grammar principles while learning vocabulary to apply but it’s a hard balance to find. This week has gone by so quickly.
More importantly than what happened, I’d like to talk about what I have learned and what my district has learned. We have learned 7/8 tenses and almost all the cases. We have learned what most “12 week” language missionaries learn in 5 weeks (almost twice as fast). We will learn the language by week 7 and possibly be fluent before we leave which rarely happens. I accredit that to our unity and our obedience, but most of all to that “grace that is sufficent for all men, who humble themselves before [God]” (Ether 12:27). The Lord has blessed us with the spirit to quicken our minds and help us learn/remember/recall and understand the language. We are learning what obedience really means and how there is no such thing as blind obedience, it simply us exercising our agency to experiment on the words of God.
I feel like I need to say why I came on a mission. I feel like I need to be clear so that you all understand why I am doing what I am doing. I came because I know that Jesus Christ Lives, that He lived, that He lived a life that was worthy of salvation. I came because I know he has shown us the way. I know that His Atoning sacrifice was not just a good deed, done with good intent. It was the ultimate, foreordained Sacrifice of Love. I have experienced not only the redemptive power through repenting, but the enabling power that allows each of us to do that which we could not do otherwise.
You know Uncle Royce knew this. He knew who Christ was. I could see it in how he viewed and spoke to others. He saw them “as they were [were]”. He looked at each one of us in a special way. Not as individuals who have made mistakes, but as powerful souls who have potential for Godliness and Pure Love. He Will Live. The Savior Lives and I know that Uncle Royce too will Live and be blessed according to his many mighty works, as a friend, a leader, and most importantly a husband and father. I miss him, I cried and prayed harder than I have ever done before. I have received the Savior’s encircling arms of comfort . I pray that we will do all in our power to forget ourselves and focus on how we can assist Aunt Melissa and our cousins.
I love you all. Know that. I’m not just ending a letter I mean that with all my soul
Elder Cook
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