Training Resource Center (TRC) – MTC Week 2

Barrev untaanneek, (hello family – phonetic)

Its been such a fast but eventful week. Last night my companionship had to teach for 45 minutes in Armenian. It was great. the “investigators” were RMs and they were very nice. They made it difficult, but they helped. It’s hard when our vocabulary is limited to 100 word and 5 tenses and 6 cases. I have another 3-5 tenses to learn not to mention all the cases and irregular verbs and their conjugations. It was an overwhelming expereince, but it motivated me.

I am so excited to be able to communicate in such a beatuful and mysterious language. There are still many “rules” and foundations being laid for this language. New concepts are being found and studied by missionaries in the country. My teacher, Brother White, was a part of a project. So new things are being found every couple of years.

I have been blessed with answers to my prayers almost immediately. I receive thoughts (that are not my own) within 24 hours of requesting guidance. Tuesday night I prayed that I might find the best way for me to learn new vocab. For some reason I have not been retaining words in Armenian in the same way that I retained words in spanish. So, I noticed a subtle difference(or rather the Spirit brought to my awareness) that useing a full 3X5 index card was more effective than using a half of one. Also, my companion randomly walked up to me during our study time and said let me test you. We found a method, using the chalkboard and a little game that helped each of us learn 15 words in less than an hour.  That is amazing for learning a language. Creating new neuro pathways for a new alphabet is a long process but we are being blessed and quickened.  I can say a prayer, bare basic testimony and ask quite a few questions.
Oh, something sweet happened last week. Paul’s uncle spoke to the missionaries at devotional. Paul V(?) Johnson.
I know that as we gain a greater understanding of the roles that the spirit plays, we can pray for more specific blessings. I know that as we obey and pray to know what blessings come form obeying we will be blessed to know. I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that as we make our first motives our love for God, and, therefore, our love for man than we will be blessed beyond anything that we think we can do. (moroni 7:33)
I love you all
Keep up the good work

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