Baptism by Fire – MTC Week 1

It is amazing here. I’m talking baptism by fire. Fire that refines and purifies. I have been blessed so much in this last week. We have learned how to set specific goals and how to work with companions. We are still growing together but we are great friends despite differences, we are humbled by the Lord and we thank each other for our good traits.
I’m the District Leader. It’s tough it takes from my personal study and language study time each day, but I love it. It has pushed me to use every second wisely. I study right after I eat during meal times, and I take chances to meet one on one with each of the six other Elders in the group. I have grown by working with certain Elders who need specific, focused help.
It requires me to rely more on the Savior for strength each night. I have received a lot of inspiration about what to do with specific Elders to help them and I have been blessed with the thoughts/directions from the Holy Ghost that I need to keep going Strong. I know that as we ask with sincerity(meaning that we are ready to act) and faith(that we will receive an answer) God will direct us. It seems to come so immediately here in the MTC. Last night I was praying for strength to continue strong as a district leader, I was struggling but within a few minutes I received this as I pondered what the Lord would have me do “enduring is not a matter of suffering though a specific event, it is a test to see how happy we can be during the time that we feel the least like “being happy” its about finding the things around us to be grateful for Perceiving life in such a way that the hard thing we are experiencing takes its small place in the big picture” Enduring is easier when we forget ourselves and find ways to bless others because we love the Savior, who was the ultimate example of enduring.
I know he lives. I have grown to know him personally. I have grown to know His father personally as well, Our Father. He loves us and he shows us that love in all that we are, all that we do and all that we see. I pray that each of us will see that love me. I pray that we will become more and more aware of that love, because it is through that love that we will find the greatest strength to endure and the greatest strength to become better and change.
I love you all.

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